What is carsales for Owners?


Carsales for owners is a range of products that are exclusively available to our members. These benefits include exclusive insights into your car resale value and predicted future value, fuel discounts, tyre offers and more. To access these member benefits, sign in and add your car and its odometer reading to your carsales Garage. If you’re not a carsales member, it’s easy to sign up.

How do I add my car to the
carsales Garage?



What are the unique insights I get access to?  

All insights are based on the specifications of the vehicle you add to your carsales garage and its odometer reading. To ensure you get the most accurate insights on your car, be sure that the information you provide is correct and your odometer reading is up to date.  

  • Demand – the current demand for cars like yours on carsales so you can decide when it’s the right time to sell 
  • Average time to sell how quickly cars like yours have been sold in comparison to the last 60 days 
  • Valuation and future value – the current value for your car and its predicted future value this time next year   
  • Market comparisonwhere your car would sit in the market right now in comparison to similar cars on carsales based on its price and kms  



Where can I find the above insights on my car?  

You will receive email updates every couple of months or when there are changes in market demand. You may not receive all of the above insights on your car, this will be dependent on the type of car you have, your odometer reading and whether there is enough market data to draw insights.    



What is the carsales member fuel offer?  

You can save money each time you fill up with our exclusive offer from Shell Coles Express. Receive an initial 8c off per litre discount and then an ongoing 4c per litre off discount every time you fill up at Shell Coles Express. Find out for more details and FAQs on the offer here.  

Please note the 8c per litre initial fuel discount offer excludes LPG and AdBlue. The ongoing 4c per litre fuel discount excludes LPG and AdBlue.  




What are the member tyre offers?  

Based on your current odometer reading, we’ll send you updates when your tyres may be due for a changeover plus the best offers in market from a range of brands to suit your specific vehicle – thanks to our friends at tyresales. 


Are there any other offers?  

To stay across all the latest offers available and member benefits, visit the member benefits section of your carsales account. 



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