Am I getting the best price for my car?

It might be tempting to put an extra grand or two on the sale price of your car but pricing it unrealistically high could deter buyers. Before you list your car, check out our tips below to ensure you get the best price for your car. It all starts with researching the market first.

The carsales Free Car Valuation Tool

To get a quick view on what your car would be worth if you sold it privately, traded it in with a dealer or used carsales Instant Offer try out the carsales Free Car Valuation Tool to get an idea of what similar cars have sold for.


The carsales Price Assist tool 

When you do sell your car on, you have access to the Price Assist tool which will help you get an accurate indication of what your car is worth in the market. Price Assist is exclusive to carsales and gives you real-time insights on Australia's largest automotive marketplace to help make pricing your car easy.


Price your car with some room to move 

Advertise the car at a price allowing room to haggle, but not so high that buyers won’t even enquire. 


And then there’s the negotiating 

Negotiating is frequently the toughest part of selling a car.  If you’re not a born negotiator, ask someone you trust to ensure the buyer doesn’t take advantage of your inexperience. But if you are ready to have a crack at it, we have outlined some helpful tips to get you going. 



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