How to verify a vehicle's odometer reading

How can I tell if an odometer has been tampered with?

  • Be cautious when inspecting a vehicle. Check for signs of wear and tear on seat belts, steering wheel, carpets etc and be suspicious if the vehicles odometer reading seems low.
  • Ask to view the car's service log books and pay close attention to the kilometer records at the time it was bought, sold and serviced.
  • Contact the previous owner/s or service centres (if known) for more information. 
  • Purchase a CarFacts history report for further confirmation.

The rolling back or replacement of an odometer can be difficult to spot. It could mean a big decrease in resale value for the unsuspecting buyer when discovered.

It falsely inflates a car's value, so a buyer pays more than they would if they knew the true kilometer reading. When an odometer rollback is found, the buyer may face a significant financial loss as the vehicle will have lost value and could potentially have higher service and repair costs than first thought.

Car's with a rolled back odometer can be difficult to resell.


To purchase a CarFacts report, visit or via the car details page on

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