Buying a car under finance

We encourage all buyers to purchase a CarFacts history report before purchasing any car to check for finance status and more. 

Why is a CarFacts report important?

It will tell you if the car you are interested in buying has any finance secured or owing, and by which finance provider.

What if I buy a car with finance without checking?

If you buy a car under finance, and the owner/seller did not disclose this to you at the time of purchase, then you will automatically be responsible for the debt and outstanding payments of the finance. You will also be at risk of losing the car if you cannot afford the repayments. 

What do I do if the car I am interested in is under finance?

You will need to talk to the seller about how they are going to go about paying off their finance. Once you have made a deal you are both happy with, you can proceed with the sale. Please see our 'selling a car under finance' section for more information on what sellers can do in these transactions. 

The seller is denying any finance on the car

If the seller hasn't advised you there is finance or is denying there is finance on the car, they are either purposefully defrauding you or is simply unaware of the finance, which is unlikely. In either case, it's best to walk away. 

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