Should I purchase FACTS+?

When you are considering buying a car, would you like to know how its price and kilometres compares to similar cars? Or if the car's history matches what the seller has said?

Whether you are narrowing down your shortlist, looking for added confidence that you are getting a good deal or want peace of mind that your next car is safe and reliable, FACTS+ is a valuable resource available to all car buyers. Exclusive to carsales, FACTS+ uses our extensive real-time data to provide pricing and market insights, expert reviews as well as a comprehensive summary of the car's history including if it is under finance, ever been stolen or written off.

As part of FACTS+ you will get access to the detailed history of the car which includes;

  • Engine no. and VIN
  • Registration
  • Write off and stolen status
  • Current financial interests
  • Odometer discrepancies

FACTS+ can also assist with narrowing down your search providing, valuable market insights available only on carsales such as; 

  • How long this type of car generally takes to sell
  • Interest and activity
  • Comparison of kilometres to average for this type car
  • Estimated retail price range
  • Price change history on

For confidence that you are getting a good deal, FACTS+ also provides information on;  

  • How the car's price compares to other similar vehicles
  • Sold or delisted prices for similar cars
  • Other similar vehicles for sale

FACTS+ has all of this as well as market leading ratings and reviews from the carsales Editorial team and previous owners.

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