How do I remove my ad?

It's simple to remove your ad from carsales once you’ve sold your car. 



For desktop users

  1. Sign in to your carsales account here or hover the mouse over your name in the top right corner to make the drop-down list appear - as displayed below. 

  2. Click on the Manage Ads option from the drop-down list.

  3. Your ad will now be displayed. Click on the ‘Manage ad’ button to continue into the manage ad section for the ad selected.

  4. Click the Remove ad button located at the top right corner of the page.screenshot3.png



How to pause your ad

If you just need to temporarily remove or pause your ad, you can select the Pause Ad button in your carsales account and reactivate it anytime. Your ad can remain paused for as long as you need, there is no time limit.


Need to re-advertise this bike in the future? No problem, you can always restore your original ad from the same page at any time, free of charge. 





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