How often should I service my car?

Just like going to the doctor and dentist regularly is good for you, scheduling a regular visit to the mechanic for your car will help maintain its ongoing health and value. 

When it comes to the frequency of servicing your particular car, most manufacturers will outline these details in the owner's manual and vehicle logbook. A section in either book will list all of the service intervals and what work needs be carried out by the mechanics. 

Some manufacturers will have 6 month servicing intervals for their cars while others will have 12 month servicing intervals. In newer cars regular servicing is often linked to the car’s warranty validity. 

If you dont have access to your vehicle owner’s manual or logbook, the basic rule is to book a service every 10,000 kms travelled or 6 months, whichever comes first. 

We’ve listed some helpful article links to help you find out more information on car servicing and maintenance. 

Why should I check my car if it is not due for service? 

As car service intervals lengthen and visits to the dealership for car servicing become infrequent, cars are more and more at risk of enduring a costly breakdown in between services. 

Capped-price servicing 

Capped-price servicing is a fixed schedule of pricing for a car's regular servicing. The vehicle owner may pay the same amount for each service or the price may vary for major services. 

How to maintain a car without spending a fortune 

Capped-price servicing at the dealership, taking your business to the aftermarket retailers, subscribing to roadside assist and even DIY can all save you money in the long run. 



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