Dealer reviews now on carsales

To give you added transparency and confidence on your buying journey through carsales you will start to notice star ratings appear on cars listed by our dealer partners. 

How are dealers rated and reviewed? 
The review you will see is a score between 1 and 5 derived from reviews about the dealer that have been submitted to review platforms such as Google, Product Review and Facebook. carsales' review partner, Podium Corporation, Inc. then provide the aggregated average scores for the dealers that you will see displayed on a listing. 

Are all dealers rated and reviewed? 
Not all dealers are reviewed. Reviews will only be shown for dealers who have integrated to the service. 

I can't see any star ratings or reviews? 
To see dealer reviews log-in to your carsales account. 

How are dealers reviewed? 
Customers submit reviews through multiple platforms including Google, Facebook and Product Review after personal interactions with that dealership. This may be after they have purchased a car, after they have placed an enquiry on a car or been in contact with the dealership. We show an aggregate average star rating of all their reviews across the Podium platform.  

carsales does not verify the authenticity or accuracy of reviews, nor accept liability for loss or damage (other than liability which cannot be lawfully excluded) relating to the use of, or reliance on, any review scores. 





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