How do I sell my car for free on carsales?

How can I sell my car for free?

If you're selling your car for less than $5,000, you have the option to use our free Lite ad.

For all other cars or for a quick sale, you can sell your car for free with a carsales Instant Offer*.

Instant Offer is a free service, offered exclusively to carsales members and is a great alternative if you are looking to sell your car quickly for a wholesale price. 

Interested to see what your car is worth?


Why sell using Instant Offer?

  • Free service
  • Sell fast
  • Quick payment
  • No roadworthy required
  • Convenient & secure


View Instant Offer FAQs here 

*Please note, not all vehicles are eligible for an Instant Offer. Offers can only be generated for cars under 10 years of age and with an odometer reading of less than 150,000 kms. In some instances, where our data sample is low, an Instant Offer may not be generated.

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