How to enhance my video

Enhance your listing by uploading a short 1 minute video to your ad! Exclusive to standard, premium/ultimate ads only.

Videos can provide information that are sometimes challenging to show in photos. 

Whether you'd like to tell a story, pitch your sale or simply describe your vehicles condition, here are some video tips to help you get started: 

    Wash and dry your car

    Find a safe and quiet location with a simple background where your car will be the center of attention.

    Turn off the car radio and stay away from areas that play music in the background. Music in your recording this may be a copyright violation.

    Think about a couple of key features you can showcase in your video. 

  • CUT IT UP (optional):
    If you’re wanting to make you’re video more cinematic, you’re able to upload edited videos from your phone. Just make sure you own the rights to all content in the video. We may ask you to check!

    Some less obvious tips:

    • Sell without sound: As important as sound is; assume the seller will be watching with sound off.
    • Keep the camera steady – try not to shake.
    • Video should be about the car, not another business etc.
    • You need to own all content.
    • Don’t rush, try to focus on only 2-3 key features on the vehicle.
    • Consider - What can a video show that a photo cant?
    • For best lighting shoot on a cloudy day or early morning/later afternoon.
    • No illegal, illicit, offensive, content

    Video Specifications & Technical:

    • Must not be longer than 60 seconds
    • File size cannot exceed 512mb
    • Image Ratio: 16:9 – Landscape/horizontal only.
    • Home button on the RIGHT, video may be upside down if recorded with the home button on the left. 
    • File Format: .mp4, .mov


For terms and conditions, refer to Clause 23 or view our 'Video Rules' here



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