Stolen Vehicles

Knowing the history of the vehicle you are buying is very important for a number of reasons. Not only is it good to have an idea on whether it has finance payments remaining on it or has a Takata airbag recall, but also knowing if the car you’re intending to purchase has been stolen. History reports include Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) data which is from a number of sources, including the National Stolen Vehicle Register.   

All this information and more is available when you get a vehicle history report. 

If the vehicle history report shows that the car is stolen, it is best not to confront the seller directly. You should notify the police. It is better to just tell the seller you have changed your mind about the car.

You can read more about stolen vehicles at the official PPSR website. 

According to the PPSR, some cars may be incorrectly marked as stolen. The information sourced from PPSR will contain information about where and when the car was reported stolen – you can contact the relevant state authority for more information. 

Click here to purchase a vehicle history report and to find out more information. 



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