What can I do if the seller doesn't respond?

You’ve seen the car of your dreams, but the owner isn’t replying to your enquiry... what next? We live in a very connected world, but sometimes that connection to others can fail us. Have you tried to get in touch with someone selling a car through carsales.com.au, only to be left hanging? 

And sending an online enquiry won’t elicit a response either.  

It’s frustrating if you like the look of this car, and you have the full advertised price – in cash – busily burning a hole in your pocket.  

There may be any number of reasons why the seller hasn’t got back to you in a reasonable timeframe. Perhaps they work shift, or they’re unexpectedly lending support while their partner delivers a baby, or are “helping police with their investigations”.  

All jokes aside, the seller may not be in a position to answer your phone call or online enquiry immediately for other perfectly legitimate reasons too. A lot of people do resist answering the phone if the caller has not enabled caller ID, for example.  


But you should also consider further alternatives:  

  • They have already sold the car and haven't had a chance to remove their ad 
  • They’re slack, for instance 
  • They lack common courtesy  
  • They might not have the self-confidence necessary to answer the phone 


If you’ve made the first approach by means of an online enquiry, and you have heard nothing within two days, the seller is clearly occupied with something more important than selling the car, or just doesn’t check emails as regularly as you do.  

Try a text (SMS) or phone call instead.  

If phone calls, texts and emails to an owner advertising their vehicle aren’t receiving a response – and carsales plays no intermediary role in contacting the seller – you should wait three days. If nothing has been heard or received by then, move on to the next best vehicle available to fulfil your dreams.  

Who knows, after three days of waiting, there may be a new listing that’s a better candidate for your next car. 



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