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The carsales Price Indicators on listings are designed to help buyers identify a car selling at a Around Market Price, Below Market Price or Well Below Market Price. Here are some frequently asked questions about carsales Price Indicators.


How does the price indicator work?  

We've looked at our data to indicate how this car's price compares to similar cars recently advertised.   

A price indicator tag automatically displays on vehicles considered well priced compared to the market average, making it easier for buyers to spot. 

Using live market pricing, we look at how this vehicle's price compares to similar vehicles recently advertised on carsales. Price indicators reflect the current market and can vary from day-to-day. 

Remember this is just a starting point for you to make your own assessment of the car and price. 






What has carsales taken into account in calculating "market average" price? 

  • Make, model and badge including year, engine size, body style and transmission 
  • Standard features 
  • Kilometres 

Factors not accounted for: 

  • Car's condition 
  • Optional extras 
  • Location 
  • Whether it's "manufacturer certified" 
  • Benefits that may be gained by purchasing through a dealer  

I saw a car that looks like it should be around market price, why doesn’t it have an Around or Below Market Price indicator tag?

While we endeavour to price as many cars as possible, a vehicle without a price indicator may still be a well-priced deal, for example if it has many options included or has been customised. In addition, a price indicator will not appear on ads of vehicles that fall into the following categories, as we do not have enough data to make a useful comparison:

  • Cars that have many options included 
  • Cars priced under $5,000 or over $70,000 
  • Cars under 2 years old or over 15 years old 
  • Cars that we have been told have hail damage or have been written off 
  • We may not have sufficient data for the car 



If I qualify for an Around, Below or Well Below Market Price indicator tag, when can I expect the tag to show up?

If your car is priced within the Around, Below or Well Below Market Price range compared to similar cars (and does not fall into one of our excluded categories), the tag will show up once your ad has been approved. 


Can I buy a price indicator tag to put on my ad? 

No. This tag cannot be purchased as an add-on to your ad.  These labels are a generated independently by carsales and are based on how the car is priced compared to similar cars.


As a seller, why would I have a price indicator tag one day but not the next?

Our pricing indicator is dynamic and based on live market pricing. Therefore, it can vary from day to day- even if your advertised price stays the same. 




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