Price Indicators

Price Indicators help buyers identify a car selling at a good price or great price. 

You'll be glad to know that sellers can't pay to have a price indicator appear on their listing. 



How does the price indicator work? 

We've looked at our data to indicate how this car's price compares to similar cars recently advertised.  


Remember this is just a starting point for you to make your own assessment of the car and price. 


What has carsales taken into account in calculating "market average" price?

Make, model and badge including year, engine size, body style and transmission

  • Standard features

  • Kilometres

What does it not include?

  • Car condition

  • Optional extras

  • Location

  • Whether it's "manufacturer certified"

  • Benefits that may be gained by purchasing through a dealer

I saw a car that looks like it should be a great price. Why doesn’t it have a good or great price indicator tag?

While we endeavor to price as many cars as possible, there are a number of cars we are unable to price:

  • Cars that have many options included.
  • Cars priced under $5,000 or over $70,000.
  • Cars under 2 years old or over 15 years old.
  • Cars that we have been told have hail damage or have been written off.
  • We may not have sufficient data for the car.


Is the price indicator tag something that sellers or dealers have bought?

 No, the price indicator tag is not an add-on that can be purchased as part of an ad. It is based on data regarding comparable cars on the market.


If a car is tagged as a good or great price should I buy it?

We encourage you to make your own assessment before purchasing the car, as our pricing indicator tool does not take into consideration a number of factors such as optional extras that the car might have, condition, location or if it is manufacturer certified.

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