What do you do with my feedback?

Your feedback allows us to further understand your buying and selling experience as well as prioritising the areas of improvement for our products and services.

We have a dedicated customer experience team who work together to communicate your feedback to the rest of the company, and work on solutions.

As advocates for the customer experience, we ensure your voice is shared with our product and senior leaders.

While ideally we want to act on all feedback provided to us, often we need to work on the most important and biggest problems first. Meaning, it is possible that months may pass by before we can act on your feedback.

But this doesn’t mean that your feedback isn’t important... all feedback helps to support the need for improvements.

Thanks to your feedback, below are some examples we have improved and worked on the following enhancements:

  • More access to help pages, including this one, allowing you to find the help you need quicker.
  • The ability to Pause your ad, handy for when you’re going away.

If you have feedback to help us improve our site, we'd love to hear it, please submit a request below. 

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