Registration Plate Blurring

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That's why we have started blurring number plates on all photos uploaded to the site and removed the rego plate number from the ad details section. This is to protect the car from identity theft and plate cloning. The automatic plate detection technology is still learning so please bear with us during this exciting roll out.

If you are selling your car registered, please note that we require at least one clear photo of your registration plate uploaded on your ad for verification purposes. When your photos appear in your ad on the site, our system will blur these out.


What is plate cloning?
Plate cloning involves falsifying a genuine number plate and attaching it to another vehicle which is often the same make, model and colour. The criminal may then use the car with cloned plates to drive on tollways without consequences, drive dangerously or conduct other criminal activity, with the genuine vehicle owner often sought to pay fines or tolls

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If you believe you may be a victim of plate cloning, we strongly advise that you to report this matter to police.

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