Registration Plate Blurring

At carsales, we take privacy and security seriously. That's why we may blur the registration plates in photos on our site. This is to protect the car from identity theft and plate cloning.

Plate cloning is where someone finds a similar make/model of a vehicle they have (they might look online or see a similar car out on the road) and they create a fake copy of the registration plates. They then use these fake plates to engage in illegal activities such as speeding. The legitimate owner of the registration plate will then receive the infringement notices when they were not driving.

If you are selling your car registered, please note that we require at least one clear photo of your registration plate uploaded on your ad for verification purposes. When your photos appear in your ad on the site, we may blur the registration plate for your safety.

Click here to find out more about choosing the right photos for your ad.

If you believe you may be a victim of plate cloning, we strongly advise that you to report this matter to police.

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