How can I order a 'For Sale' Sticker

If you created a Standard, Premium or PremiumPlus advert and forgot to order your sticker, you can still order one now

 - Simply sign in your carsales account

- Click on 'Get your free sticker' under the 'Your seller toolkit' section located on the right hand side of the page. 

We will then arrange for this to be sent out to you in the mail within 5-7 business days.



Before using your sticker:

Check with your local Council as there may be specific laws or rules restricting the display of a For Sale sticker on your car.

For best adhesion and removal, please clean the surface area thoroughly prior to application.

When positioning your sticker:

- It must not be positioned where it may affect the driver's vision.
- It must not be positioned on a windscreen.
- It must be positioned in accordance with relevant laws prescribing minimum light transmittance.
- Incorrect positioning may render your car unsafe or un-roadworthy through reduced visibility of the road and the other road users.
- For further details please contact your relevant traffic authority.

Displaying personal details:

- Remember your For Sale sticker may include personal contact details and when displaying a sticker, you advertise both your car and your driving to the public.



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