What is a vehicle 'badge'?

When you create an ad we'll ask you for details about your car to help us identify it in our system and also to make sure potential buyers know exactly what you're selling. 

These details include your vehicles:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Year
  • Badge

The options you'll see will depend on the car you're selling. Once you have selected the make, model and year of your car you will be presented with results for specific vehicle badges. The badge identifies the specific variant of that model.

For example:

Selecting Toyota (Make) > Camry (Model) > 2004 (Year) will give you a list of various badges to choose from:

e.g Altise, Sportivo, Ateva, Grande, Azura

If you are unsure what badge your vehicle is, we recommend checking the owners manual. The badge is also often found on the rear of the vehicle.

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