What are the regulations governing L and P plate drivers?

Basic guide outlines the rules governing learners and probationary drivers across the nation. Few things in life are as liberating as receiving your first driving licence, but how do you reach that milestone and what are your legal responsibilities during your first years on the road? 

Every state and territory licencing authority around the country imposes different regulations for learners and probationary drivers. And the lack of a coordinated national policy can lead to confusion, especially for young drivers living in communities situated near a state border – places such as Albury and Wodonga or Tweed Heads and Coolangatta 

For young people who have just obtained their learner’s permit and are anticipating taking to the roads, or others who have successfully completed their licencing test, we’ve assembled a series of articles, each one outlining the pertinent legal aspects in each state, starting with this basic guide to getting on the road. 

While every endeavour has been made to keep these outlines accurate, L and P plate laws do change. So before you treat the guide as gospel please consult the appropriate authority in your home state as well. 



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