L and P Plate National Guide

L and P Plate National Guide

It wasn't that long ago that new drivers passed a simple, written, multi-choice learner test and went on to on-road examination to get their licence. The P plate earned hung earnestly in the window for a year, but actually didn't do a whole lot more than let people around you know that you were a newbie.

In most cases, a year later you could take that horrible blight on your lifestyle off the car, and a few years later you'd have a full licence.

All pretty easy, but many would suggest that it really didn't serve much purpose.

How things have changed. Now there are different coloured P plates and other state to state requirements that are complicated to say the least...

Inexperienced drivers are more likely to be killed or injured in a vehicle accident. Thus, today, various schemes attempt to ensure learners and inexperienced drivers are delivered opportunities to not only pass tests but become competent road users.

There are similarities between states, but equally, there are also some slight variations and some completely disparate state-specific laws.
To help navigate P and L-plate laws, here's our basic state-by-state guide to getting on the road...

While every endeavour has been made to keep these outlines accurate, L and P plate laws do change. So before you treat the following info as gospel please also consult the appropriate authority in your home state.

The common laws
Each state and territo......Continue reading

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