What types of ads are available on carsales?

When you advertise your car on carsales, your ad stays on our site until the car is sold. The ad price is a one-time, upfront payment with no ongoing costs. Unlike some other online classified sites, we don’t take a commission on the sale price either. 

carsales has flexible ad packages and optional add-ons available to help you sell your car.


carsales Standard Ad Package

  • Access to thousands of genuine buyers
  • Get help setting a price for your car and pre-filling your ad
  • Strong privacy and fraud protection to help keep you safe

carsales Premium Ad Package 

  • All the features of the Standard Ad
  • Rank higher in search results to have more buyers see your ad
  • Greater engagement to promote buyer enquiries

carsales Ultimate Ad Package 

  • All of the features of the Premium Ad
  • Rank among the highest plus get ‘Showcase’ for 30 days to appear in the top results
  • Virtual phone number for 45 days to protect your private number

How much does it cost to advertise your car on carsales?

Our ad pricing is flexible and based on market conditions. To get the most up to date pricing, follow this link, enter the details of your car and you’ll see the current ad packages and pricing options available to you.

carsales Instant Offer 

Instant Offer is a trusted and hassle-free way to sell your car, and is a great selling alternative if you’re looking to sell your car quickly and for a fair price. Instant Offer is not available for all cars, Instant Offer Terms and Conditions apply


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