What is an ad rating?

Ad rating is an exclusive service offered by carsales to help you create the best ad possible when commencing the journey of selling your car. You will be presented with this experience towards the end of the ad creation process on carsales, which will provide you with tailored guidance and insights on the following areas:

  • Pricing
  • Photos and videos
  • Roadworthy, inspection and build date
  • Personal comments

If during the process of creating your ad, you would like to come back and finish it later, you can. Your ad will stay in the review state for 7 days to give you time to collect all the details for your car. You can either publish your ad or it will be automatically published after 7 days regardless of the ad rating. We will send you several reminder emails to review your ad rating and to publish your ad during this time.

You will also see an estimated listing price range as part of the ad details section of ad creation, and also when editing your ad, to ensure you receive pricing guidance throughout all areas of the selling process on carsales. For a small number of cars, there may not be enough pricing data for your specific car (i.e. a unique car, a newly released car, or an older or classic car), so in these circumstances we will not show you the pricing section on the ad rating page or provide an estimated listing price range.

The ad rating service also appears as a standalone tab ‘ad rating’ in the ‘manage ads’ section of your carsales account, which you can access at any time to review if you would like to improve your ad after it’s been published on carsales.




Viewing your Ad Rating via the carsales App 

  1. Sign in to your account under the account tab
  2. Tap on manage my ad


  3. Tap on Manage ad


  4. Tap on Ad rating 

    ad rating.png



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