Scammers Requesting 4-Digit carsales SMS Code


Have you been asked to provide a 4-digit carsales SMS code from a seller? We are currently aware of a scam where scammers are contacting people through various websites and platforms requesting a 4-digit carsales SMS code from them. 

Sometimes these scammers act as employers looking for workers, and to send them a code to find out more information. If you have not requested any seller details, you should not provide a code to anyone, especially if you do not know them.  

If a code from carsales is passed onto a scammer, you have given them access to use your details to obtain sellers phone numbers.  



How do I report a potential scam? 

If you have received a scam message requesting a 4-4igit carsales SMS code, you can contact our customer care team here. Include screen shots of the potential scam messages and our team will investigate.  


Australian Government Websites 

  • Contact the Australian Competition and Consumer Affairs Commission (ACCC) on 1300 302 502 
  • Report a scam through Scam Watch 
  • You can also report online fraud to the Australian Government via ReportCyber 



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