I can’t find my car’s model or variant on carsales

So you’re looking to enter your car’s make, model and badge into the system to sell or to search but it doesn’t seem to appear. This could be for a few reasons, we’ve outlined some known examples below. 

carsales uses vehicle specification data from RedBook who works with car brands to supply all the relevant information we use on our site. Sometimes car brands make changes to their vehicle line up in a certain year which means the way it is displayed and is found on our site might change. 



Subaru WRX and Impreza models 

If you’re looking for a Subaru Impreza WRX models from 2013 onwards, here is some information to help you find the correct model. 

In 2014, Subaru announced that they would no longer be marketing the WRX and WRX STI under the Impreza model line. The fourth generation 2014 WRX models then formed a new standalone model line. The third generation Impreza WRX variants were manufactured up until late 2013, and were the last models produced under the Impreza moniker. 

In other words, if the Subaru was built in November 2013 or prior, it is considered a model 'Impreza' and the badge a 'WRX'.  

If the Subaru was built after November 2013, it is considered a model 'WRX'. 


Holden Utes

If you’re looking to sell a Holden ute between the years 2000 and 2017, it is found under the make 'Holden' and the model name 'Ute'. 

If you're selling a Holden ute 2000 or earlier, it can be found under the make 'Holden' and the model name 'Commodore'. 

There are 2 utes in the year 2000 that can be under either model name. If you have a VU ute, this will be found under the model name 'Ute'.


VS utes are found under the model name 'Commodore'. 





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