How do I add my VIN to my ad?

If your ad package includes a carsales Facts+ history report, you may have received an email asking for you to add your car's VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). This information is required for us to generate the report specific to your vehicle. 

Your VIN can be found on your car’s build plate in the engine bay, on the passenger side windshield or in the door jamb. If you can't find it on the vehicle itself, it can also be found on your registration and car insurance documentation. 



Adding VIN number to your ad on desktop 

  1. Go to Manage Ads.
  2. Select the Edit your ad details tab. 

  3. Scroll down to the Your car details section and then type in your VIN and click Save. 



Adding VIN number to your ad via the carsales App 

  1. Go to the carsales App and select the Account tab.  
  2. Sign in to your carsales account (if you haven’t already). 
  3. Tap the Sell tab located at the bottom of the screen then select Manage my ad. 
    App01.jpg   App02.jpg

  4. Select the edit button on the ad you wish to manage. 
  5. Tap the second icon on the left side of your screen (Car Details) and scroll down until you reach the VIN field. Fill in your VIN.  
    App03.jpg   App04.jpg

  6. Tap the bottom icon on the left side, then tap Publish located in the top right corner.App05.jpg



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