How do I check the history of a car?

Buying a car is always an exciting thing, but one element that often gets overlooked is the past history of the vehicle. A car’s hidden past my prove costly and leave you in a less than ideal situation. So how can you find out more about the history of a car?

A carsales vehicle history report provides details of a used car's history and can help give you confidence and peace of mind to make the right decision when purchasing a used car.

All vehicle history reports contain a Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) certificate and will show:

  • If there is outstanding finance registered on the car
  • If the car has been recorded as written off or stolen
  • If there are any possible odometer discrepancies
  • An overview of the car

Terms & Conditions apply. You can read more on vehicle history reports in the help centre article or by visiting the carsales website. 



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