Are there any fees involved in PayProtect?



Yes - buyers and sellers are both charged separate PayProtect fees: a flat fee of $8.00 plus 0.25% of the transaction amount.

The Buyer is charged this fee in addition to the transaction amount. The seller is charged by the fee being deducted from the funds upon release. 

Partially refunded transactions include a partial refund of the 0.25% fee.

We currently offer two payment methods, BPAY and debit/credit card*. 
(*Additional fees apply if paying via debit or credit card and are only charged to successful transactions.)

Card fees (VISA & Mastercard debit or credit cards only)

Buyers are charged an additional 1.2% card processing fee of the value being debited. You may be asked to send additional card holder verification documents if your transaction needs further review. Processing time is generally on the same business day, pending verification.


Buyers are not charged any additional PayProtect fees for paying via BPAY. No additional payment verification documents are be required. Processing time is between 1-3 business days.

Paying with BPAY requires you to send PayProtect funds using your online or telephone banking with the BPAY Biller Code 259564 and the transaction reference number provided in your carsales transaction sent to you via email. Funds sent without the transaction reference could delay processing of your payment.

If using a credit card with BPAY, we recommend contacting your bank to check for additional fees/interest when paying via BPAY.

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