I've logged in but I can't see my ads?

If you’ve signed in to your carsales account and can't see your ads in the dashboard, please first check that you’re using the email address if you have multiple accounts registered.  

You can check this by clicking the Profile page located in the main menu on desktop or on App by tapping the Account tab and then the Edit profile link located under your name at the top of your screen. 

If you are not signed in with the correct email address, sign out. Then sign back in with the correct account, be sure to click on Continue with Email when prompted. 

Also check that you have signed into the correct carsales.com Ltd site (ie. carsales, bikesales, boatsales, caravancampingsales etc). 

If you are signed in with the correct email address and still cannot see your ad, please call our Customer Service Team on 13 72 53 for further assistance. 



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