What is 'AutoAds' & FAQs?

For a limited time only, carsales is offering all our new sellers an opportunity to have their cars star in their own one of a kind car commercial! 

With the details from your car listing, we'll make a commercial just for you. Pick your favorite from one of five themes, share it on Facebook and watch the buyers roll in!

Each theme is made up of a number of image variables and recited lines, and will feature images of the car you have listed along with key details such as make, model and price.

How does it work?

For a limited time only, when you list your car on carsales, we will create a personalised car commercial for you! 

Within 24-48 hours of your ad being approved, we'll send you an email advising that car commercial is ready. You can then click-through to your personal landing page where you will be able to view your car commercial.

Please visit carsales.com.au/autoads to get started and view your commercials! 

When you click on a commercial it will open up a light box with a video player. Underneath that will be a button to share. You will be prompted to login to your Facebook account (if you aren't already), and asked for permission to allow AutoAds to upload on your behalf. You will then be asked to add a message with the post. Here we will provide you some suggested copy with the link to your carsales listing. You can choose to copy and paste the message or write the message and paste the link only.


1. When does the campaign run from?

Campaign commences 20 February 2018 and concludes 29 March 2018

2. Who is eligible for a commercial?

All private sellers with a current ad. It is not available for dealers.

3. Where is this campaign promoted?

Sellers are encouraged to share this with their Facebook friends. We will also be running Facebook ads (video, sponsored posts and carousel ads).

4. How many themes are there?

There are 5 themes: Adventure, City, Family, Tough & Luxury.

5. How can I generate a commercial?

Ads are automatically generated for sellers. All new sellers should get their ad within 24 hours of their ad being approved. Sellers who listed their car prior to launch date may need to wait up to a week post-launch to receive theirs as our system works on generating the videos. Sellers will be notified of their ad via email.

6. Can I only share my ad on Facebook?

Yes - the functionality of the campaign only allows for it to be shared via Facebook

7. How many of my commercials can I share?

You can share all 5 videos.

8. I changed details on my ad listing, can I get a new commercial

Unfortunately you will only be supplied with the commercial once. We cannot regenerate commercials. We encourage you to update details on your Facebook post should you want to communicate any changes to your friends (e.g. price has been reduced).

9. I think I got an email but I accidentally deleted it. How do I get to my commercials?

Please call our customer service team on 13 72 53

10. What happens to my commercial once I have sold my car?
You’ll still be able to watch and enjoy your video, but if anyone clicks on your listing they’ll see that it’s no longer available. Do note that your videos will only be available to view until the end of April, unless you posted it on Facebook.

11. Why does a male act in a commercial and not a female? 

The actor was cast based on their ability to take on 5 distinct character themes. After a series of auditions, Kai came through as the best.

12. Will my information be shared? 

The video does not share any additional information that is not already provided in your commercial. The video only contains your first name, car make, model and sell price. To share your video to other people, you will need to provide consent before it gets posted on Facebook.

13. Was the 'stepping on and wrestling the crocodile' real? 

No animals, including crocodiles, were hurt during the filming of this AutoAds campaign. The crocodile used in filming was a plastic model. We do not encourage our sellers and viewers of our AutoAds to wrestle crocodiles or hurt animals/wildlife.

15. I was offended by the use of language in the tough commercial ‘Bloody ripper of a ride’

AutoAds have been made for a mass audience comprised of many demographics.
The use of the words ‘bloody ripper’ is regarded as a parochial Australian saying, and we feel is aligned to the tough genre we are portraying in our AutoAds campaign.

There are five AutoAds themes to choose from. If one is not to your taste, we encourage you to view the other options.

16. I don’t like how AutoAds is grossly stereotyping different demographics.

AutoAds has been designed as a fun, humorous ‘tongue in cheek’ campaign to appeal to a mass audience comprised of many different demographics.

We hope this campaign will encouraging our sellers to have some fun and be a little self deprecating.Being self deprecating is usually considered to be a good trait, a quality of someone with a wry sense of humour.

17. Can I use the videos featuring children on my Facebook, I don’t want to get in trouble?

Yes, you can share the vision featuring children on Facebook. The vision of children used in carsales AutoAds is stock vision that we acquired through a reputable stock library. We obtained a license to use the vision for the purpose of this campaign. The children are paid actors and the children’s guardians provided publicity consent for their images to be used.


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