What is PayProtect & FAQs

What is PayProtect?

PayProtect offers buyers and sellers a safe and secure way to transact online with the peace of mind that money is being held securely during the process. As a buyer, you can lock in the car of your dreams conveniently and without the hassle of bank cheques or dealing in cash. As a seller, you can have confidence that the buyer is genuinely interested in your car. New to carsales and available to all members, PayProtect makes payments safe and easy.

How does PayProtect work?

  1. MAKE PAYMENT – You can get started by starting a conversation with the seller through an email enquiry. You should then be able to see an option to use PayProtect and make a payment using either a credit card or via BPAY. Service fees may apply and are only charged for successful transactions. 

    *BPAY payments can take between 1-2 business days to process, and credits cards are processed same day. 

  2. PAYMENT SECURED – You and the seller will both receive an email confirmation as well as a notification in your conversation through carsales letting you know the payment has been secured in to PayProtect. 
  3. REQUEST PAYMENT - It is at this point the seller can request the funds by adding in their bank account information. The funds will still be held by PayProtect at this stage.

  4. RELEASE PAYMENT – The buyer can only release the payment once the seller has requested the funds and entered their banking account. We recommend releasing the funds whilst onsite upon picking up the vehicle.

    The amount (minus service fees) will be transferred to the seller and could take between 1 to 5 business days. 


Are there any fees involved using PayProtect?

We currently have 2 types of payment methods which include creditcard or BPAY. The fees depend on which method you use and are only charged to successful transactions.

Creditcard (VISA & MasterCard only) 

Buyers are charged a 1.3% (of the value being debited) credit card processing fee. You will only be asked to send verification documents if your credit card is deemed suspicious.  

Sellers are charged a 0.70% (of the value being debited) processing fee plus a $20 service fee which will be deducted from the funds upon release.  


Buyers are not charged any fees for paying via BPAY and don't need to send any verification documents. 

Sellers are charged a 0.70% (of the value being debited) processing fee plus a $20 service fee which will be deducted from the funds upon release.  



1. A buyer has paid but I can't see their payment? 

The buyer might of paid by BPAY which can take 1 to 2 business days to process (see BPAY processing times above). Once the payment clears on our end, we will send you confirmation via email letting you know the funds have been secured in to PayProtect. 


2. As a buyer, when should I be releasing the funds to the seller?

We strongly recommend that as a buyer you do not release funds to the seller until you have had a chance to inspect the vehicle, are happy with its condition and are definite that you’d like to proceed with the purchase. For more information on safety tips for buyers, click here.

We recommend undertaking a CarFacts History Report to ensure that you have reviewed if there is any finance owing on the vehicle and ensure that the seller has arrangements with its financier to provide clear title of the vehicle to you. 

3. As a seller, when should I be handing the keys to the buyer?

The benefit of PayProtect is that you can be comfortable giving the buyer possession of the car as soon as the funds are in the PayProtect account. The funds cannot be returned to the Buyer without your consent. 

4. Can I make more than 1 payment for the same item? 

You can only make one transaction per item. You cannot make two separate payments. Example: If the car is $10,000, you need to pay $10,000 in one transaction, you cannot split the payment in to 2 or 3, $5000 and $5000 to make up the whole amount. 

5. How can I get a refund (buyer)?

While funds are still in the PayProtect holding account, buyers can request a refund from the seller by sending an email to customercare@carsales.com.au 

6. As a seller using PayProtect, how will I be paid for the sale of my vehicle?

Sellers will be asked to submit their Australian bank account details – this is the account your payment will be transferred to once the buyer has released the funds. 

7. How long will it take to receive my payment

Your payment will take between 1 to 4 business days from the time the buyer releases the funds to reach your account depending on your bank’s processing speed.

8. Where are payments held?

The PayProtect holding account is an Australian bank account managed by our trusted payment services provider. All payments are secured and encrypted.

9. Will you share my bank details with the person I’m transacting with?

No. All customer bank details are secured and encrypted.

10. I would like to place a deposit on a car. Can I do this through PayProtect?

PayProtect cannot be used for deposits at this stage but keep an eye out for updates on when this feature is released.

11. I am a seller who has sold my car to a buyer via PayProtect.  Why haven’t I received my payment from PayProtect yet?

If paid to your bank account, it's possible that your bank details were entered incorrectly. Please check your email for any correspondence from us. If you haven’t received anything, please contact us for assistance.

12.What is the procedure if I pay into PayProtect and then decide not to buy the car?

If you have paid into PayProtect, and change your mind about the car, you need to ask for a refund by sending an email to customercare@carsales.com.au 

13. Why do I need to provide ID to PayProtect?

We require doing these checks to remain in compliance with financial and government regulations.

All information and photos supplied are secured and encrypted and are only used for the purpose of verifying your identity.

Specifically, the reason we request a photo of you holding your identification (instead of requesting a scanned copy) is to ensure that the person providing the identification matches the person in the photograph. This is to prevent someone unlawfully obtaining a copy of your identification and using it without your knowledge.

14. Will funds paid by credit card be treated as a cash advance?

Credit card payments made in the platform are considered as an online card payment. The cash advance feature only applies when the credit card is used to withdraw funds from an ATM or over the counter at the bank. 


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