About Ad and Content personalisation

carsales.com ltd sites and apps use cookies and data to enhance your user experience and serve you with advertisements of interest. Ad and Content Personalisation is commonly informed by numerous elements such as the content of the site or app you are using, the information you provide, historical searches you contact, what your friends or contacts recommend to you, or based on your other interests. 

Find out more about carsales ad personalisation in our Privacy Policy. 


Promoted Editorial Content 

produces impartial and independent editorial content including expert car reviews, comparisons, news and advice. As part of our content personalisation process, carsales works with advertisers to include independent reviews and comparisons as part of promoted content on and off site. All editorial content served in this way is published in full and is unedited. It remains independent and advertisers have in no way influenced or paid for the content. 


Sponsored and Advertorial Content 

arsales works with brands to bring you relevant content that has been made possible by advertisers and partners. These Ads will be marked 'Sponsored' or will contain the phrase “Produced by carsales in partnership with”. The carsales content team reviews all content to ensure it is relevant and of the highest quality. This content will appear on and off site and you may be served it if you fall within the targeted user group.  



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