Instant Offer - Frequently asked questions

  1. What is Instant Offer?

Instant Offer is a great alternative if you're looking to sell your car quickly and for a wholesale price. 

With Instant Offer, the process is simple:

  1. We’ll offer you a wholesale price for your car (similar to the price a dealer would offer as a trade-in)
  2. After accepting the offer online, you drop the car off at the location specified
  3. Our partner, a reputable wholesale buyer will inspect your car to check that it matches the details submitted online and meets the offer conditions; and
  4. If it all checks out, the wholesale buyer will finalise the sale with you.

While you may be offered slightly less for your car than you would selling through private channels, this is a quick and convenient method of sale which offers you next business day payment

2. Who will be purchasing my car if I sell it using Instant Offer?

Carsales has partnered with a reputable wholesale buyer who has an interest in buying cars through the carsales network. 

A wholesale buyer is a licensed motor vehicle dealer that purchases cars to sell again through a dealership, just like a trade-in.

3. How is my offer price calculated?

Your Instant Offer price is calculated based on sales data of similar cars – this data has been obtained over time through the Carsales Network and a variety of other sources.

For your own peace of mind, it’s a good idea to carry out your own research to determine whether this price is fair and reasonable to you.

4. How do I accept my Instant offer?

You can accept an offer by either clicking on the 'More about Instant offer' button in the initial Instant Offer email sent to you, or by clicking on the 'Find out more' button in your 'Manage Ad' Section and follow the prompts. 

  1. How do I organise an Inspection?

    Once you accept the offer, the wholesale will call you within 24 hours to organise an inspection appointment. 

    6. Where is the location of the wholesale buyer?

    NSW - Dubbo, Newcastle, Sydney, Tamworth
    VIC - Melbourne
    QLD - Brisbane, Townsville
    SA - Adelaide
    NT - Alice Springs, Darwin
    TAS - Hobart
    WA - Perth
    ACT - Canberra

    7. What are the offer conditions?

The offer is base don your vehicle being in good condition and meeting the offer conditions below:

- Your engine compartment is clean and free of leaks
- Your vehicle is in excellent mechanical condition and free of rust
- Your vehicle requires only minimal reconditioning
- Your tyres have 50% or more tread remaining at the lowest point
- Your vehicle will pass a roadworthy inspection
- It has complete service records
- It has not been written off
- It is not a private import
- It has a clean title history

Your vehicle will still be considered 'in good condition' even if it has minor cosmetic defects or has minimal signs of wear.

If your vehicle does not meet these conditions, the buyer may still want to purchase your vehicle at an adjusted price or in some rare cases, the buyer may choose not to go ahead with the sale. 

8. Once I've accepted the offer, what's next?

  1. After accepting your offer, you’ll receive a confirmation email from us outlining the details.
  2. Within the next business day, our wholesale buyer will call you to arrange an appointment time for to drop your car off - this will be followed up with an email (and map) detailing exactly where you need to take your car.
  3. Before your appointment, you’ll need to get the following items together, as these will be required when you drop off your car:
    • Proof of vehicle ownership (e.g. a registration renewal letter in your name)
    • Service history documents (and repair receipts if applicable)
    • All sets of keys for the car
    • Your driver’s licence
  4. Once you arrive at wholesales buyer, their qualified staff will inspect your car to check that its matches the details submitted online and meets the offer conditions and if it all checks out, will draw up the necessary paperwork to finalise the sale - your car is as good as sold!

Note: If your car is currently under finance, you’ll need to speak with your lending financial institution and ask them to provide a letter detailing the payout figure outstanding on the loan – please bring this letter to your appointment.

9. If I refuse the offer, can I still use this service at a later time?

Your offer is valid for 7 days and can be taken up at any time during this period. If you choose not to accept this offer within 7 days, you may or may not receive a new offer in the future. As the price of your car will change with the market, we cannot guarantee that you’ll still receive the same offer previously made. To review your current offers, sign into your carsales account.

  1. What if my car is currently financed?

Your offer is still valid, even if your car is currently under finance. All you’ll need to do is provide a documented payout figure provided by the financial institution when you drop your car off and the buyer will walk you through the remaining process.

  1. How will I be paid for the sale of my car?

Once the sale of your car has been finalised, our buyer will be able to arrange a bank transfer into your account which will be processed the next business day after the sale. If your car is currently under finance, please allow time for the transactions to be finalised with your lending financial institution.

  1. Are they any terms and conditions regarding my use of the Instant Offer service?

Yes, the terms and conditions for your use of this service are available here.



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