How do I order a 'For Sale' Sticker

To order your sticker for your Standard, Premium or Ultimate advert:

  • Sign in to your carsales account
  • Hover over your name at the top right corner of the page, and select 'Manage Ads'


  • Select the ad you would like to order the sticker for
  • Click 'Improve your ad'
  • Under the 'Free For Sale Sticker' heading, click 'Learn More'

  • Click 'Order now'

  • Fill out your delivery address and click "Order now"

We will then arrange for this to be sent out to you in the mail within 5-7 business days. If you still haven't received your sticker, try ordering another one or calling us! 


Before using your sticker:

Be sure to check with your local Council as there may be specific laws or rules restricting the display of a For Sale sticker on your car.

For best adhesion and removal, please clean the surface area thoroughly prior to application.

When positioning your sticker:

  • It must not be positioned where it may affect the driver's vision.
  • It must not be positioned on a windscreen.
  • It must be positioned in accordance with relevant laws prescribing minimum light transmittance.
  • Incorrect positioning may render your car unsafe or not roadworthy through reduced visibility of the road and the other road users.
  • For further details please contact your relevant traffic authority.

Displaying personal details:

Remember your For Sale sticker may include personal contact details and when displaying a sticker, you advertise both your car and your driving to the public.



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