Fraudulent sellers contacting buyers

Please be aware we have seen some fraudulent activity recently involving scammers contacting potential buyers about advertisements that were compromised, causing the price to be dropped, and the sellers contact details changed.

If you are contacted by a suspicious seller who you cannot meet, or speak to, or who wants to proceed with a sale through a third party company please be cautious. If you are unsure please phone our Customer Care Team on 13 SALE (13 72 53) for assistance.

Here is an example of the fraudulent email...

From: Direct Cargo Support <>
Subject: ✔NEW ORDER 131695502158 - 1998 Toyota Landcruiser HZJ105R GXL
Date: 27 May 2015 7:10:23 am AEST
To: <>

Dear Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx,

The transaction under Direct Cargo Ltd market has started today date: 27/MAY/2015. Our services will act as a Third Party person between Barney Stephens and Kirk Lachlan Figtree.

The vehicle is now in our custody and in order to proceed with your transaction follow the below instructions. You must confirm your payment by bank transfer ( LATEST DAY FOR PAYMENT IS 29/MAY/2015 ). The money will be kept in our protection account as a security measurement until we will receive buyer's final decision.

Simply visit your local branch during bank hours; or Log on to Internet Banking and process your Telegraphic Transfer. In this way the money reaches faster our account and we are able to initiate the shipping procedure faster.

Below we attach our bank account details:

Beneficiary's full name & residential address:
*Account Name: M. ONEASA
*Address: 155 Penwith Road, London SW18 4PZ, United Kingdom
Beneficiary's bank name and address:
*IBAN: GB07NWBK60240687521679
*Sort Code: 602406
*Bank Address: 16 Wimbledon Hill Rd, London SW19 7NN
*Bank Country: United Kingdom

As soon as the money transfer is completed, send us the transfer receipt. You will have 2 options:

- by e-mail, scanned receipt to:
- by fax: 0889188039

Transaction details:

* Make and Model: 1998 Toyota Landcruiser HZJ105R GXL
* Price: AUD $13,000.00
* Tracking number: 131695502158

Check here your transaction status inserting the tracking number: 

We will initiate the shipping operation as soon as the payment is confirmed. The shipping process is estimated to 3-4 days. The registered delivery address for this transaction is:

* Customer name: Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx 
* Street: 14 Xxxxxxx St
* City/State/Zip code: Richmond VIC 3121
* Country: Australia

Transaction Terms and Conditions:

- The seller and the buyer agrees to the vehicle price and using our Shipping Service such as the Third Party Service;
- The estimated time for shipping is 3-4 days. The seller agree to pay the shipping fees;
- The buyer will have 5 days to inspect the vehicle and make a decision;
- The payment is made to the seller as soon as the buyer signs the title transfer ( becoming the new vehicle owner ).

Refund Policy:

As we specified before, the buyer has 5 days to test the vehicle. This includes test driving, general inspection to a mechanical shop etc. In case that the vehicle condition does not fit the description, the buyer can ask for a refund which will be made in the same day by the same way, bank account transfer.

About Direct Cargo Ltd service:

Our company offers delivery service using modern car trailers and the shortest route to the customer. Before proceeding with the shipping the vehicle has to pass a general inspection in our shop. If there are any kind of problems we will not accept at all the delivery !
Also we are offering the Third Party service. The seller must registered the transaction with us ( being informed about our politics ) and let the vehicle in our custody. We will contact the buyer with the transaction terms which will ask him to confirm the payment in one of our protection account so we can avoid issues when the buyer is not able to pay for the merchandise.
The money will be stored in our protection account until buyer's decision.
For further communication please use our contact details.

Thank you for using our service !
Direct Cargo LTD Team

Company legally registered address: Nursery Crown Hill, Upshire Essex EN9 3TF, United Kingdom

Phone: 0456359858

© 2015 Direct Cargo Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Here is an example of the fraudulent invoice... 

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