Why is my ad inactive?

There are two main reasons your ad may be inactive and not displayed on site.

  1. Your ad has not yet been published

Our customer service team check every ad before it goes live to ensure that only genuine ads are listed on carsales. As a general guide, your ad will be published within 2 hours if it was created between 8am and 8pm. If it was created outside of these hours, it will be published the next day. 

  1. You have not accessed your account in over 30 days

If you have not signed into your carsales account or checked on your ad in over 30 days, we will deactive it, temporarily. Your ad will stay advertised until you sell it, however we require you to keep it active by letting us know it's still for sale from time to time. This way, buyers can be sure the car they may have fallen in love with is still available. You can reactive your ad through your carsales account.

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