Suspicious SMS from a seller


If you have received some suspicious SMS messages from a seller who is pushy, yet cannot meet or speak with you over the phone and insists you send them an email to communicate further, it is most likely they are a scammer. Some SMS scammers may also ask for money upfront before an inspection or for you to pay freight or transport costs. 

We recommend that you attempt to speak with the seller over the phone and plan an inspection to see the car in person before exchanging any money. If you are engaged in ongoing communication with a suspicious seller, we urge you to exercise caution. Do not provide any personal or financial information or part with any money in advance of taking possession of a vehicle.  


Here are some recent examples of suspicious SMS messages:

Example #1



Example #2



Example #3



Example #4




Reporting a suspicious seller 

There a several ways you can report a suspicious seller. You can report by selecting the Report/Report this ad button on the ad itself. A pop up box will appear on your screen asking you for some further details about the ad you wish to report. You can find out more on this process here. 

You can also contact our Trust & Safety team by sending an email to Make sure to include screenshots of the messages. Our team will investigate the message and advise you on its validity. 

You can also contact our Customer Service Team on 13 72 53 for further advice. 

Australian Government Websites 

  • Contact the Australian Competition and Consumer Affairs Commission (ACCC) on 1300 302 502 
  • Report a scam through Scam Watch 



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